Servo Parts

Magna Products Corp. has thousands of subcomponent servomotor and amplifier parts on the shelf and ready to go.

Servo Parts Overview

We are often asked “Why do you sell servo parts when you offer servo repair?”. Our answer is simply that we need to stock these parts in order to offer the lowest total cost solutions to our customers! Here is how:

  1. Magna seeks to keep material cost down by purchasing subcomponent parts in volume. We KNOW the RIGHT part to get you up and running!
  2. We know that you are depending on us to minimize downtime, and that it is our responsibility to provide that fastest possible turnaround. Clearly, a key element to quick delivery depends on having the correct parts on our shelf and ready to go. Magna has made that inventory investment, so that you can trust that Magna will turn around that repair as quickly as possible!
  3. Magna Products Corp. has provided subcomponent parts to other repair shops for decades.

Servo Part Selection

The following information is helpful when calling to inquire about a part:

  1. Provide us with the Model Number of the servomotor that you need the servo part for.
  2. Provide us with a description of the servo part you need.
  3. (Optional) Pictures and email are always good to make sure you get just the right servo part.
  4. Let us know if you need expedited delivery for the servo part.

Once we have the information, we will provide you with a written quotation for the exact servo motor parts you need. Right from your first call or email, you will be dealing with a knowledgeable staff to make sure you get exactly the part you need.


  • Our Customer Service staff goes through regular product training to make sure that they work with you and get your requirements fulfilled.
  • Our Inventory Department is trained in part number to part recognition to make sure they are pulling the right parts for your order.
  • Our Purchasing Department is thoroughly trained in not just product knowledge but also understands how that part works inside of the servo motor you are repairing. This allows us to provide you with just the right part to get your servo motor up and running quickly.

What happens when a servo motor part becomes obsolete?

Magna Products Corp. has been in servo system business for 40 years, and we are very familiar with the legacy products that the servo original equipment manufacturers have stopped supporting and will no longer supply. Not only do we have an extensive supply of OEM parts, our team of engineers have worked hard to provide replacements that comply with original specifications. Any replacement parts must go through rigorous testing to qualify them and each batch that is manufactured is tested and reviewed. All of these efforts are important aspects to long term support for legacy products and for providing your lowest total cost solution in keeping your equipment running.

Please contact us with any question that you may have!

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