Servo Power Supplies

What is a Servo Power Supply?

Some servo systems require an external servo power supply to provide the BUS voltage to operate the motor through the servo amplifier. The advantage of this type of servo system is that it allows you to have a smaller physical dimension for the amplifier units and it can share 1 BUS servo power supply unit with several servo amplifiers. This allows for space savings in the electrical panel and allows for less heat generating in some cases due to not having multiple power supply units running at the same time.

Why should you designate Magna Products Corp as your servo power supply service center?

Some of these servo power supply units are very complicated systems. They usually not only supply the BUS voltage but also provide the control voltages to power the amplifier modules. This combination of supply high voltage and regulated low voltage power can sometimes be a challenge to those without enough experience. Come to the servo service center that specializes in just servo systems to make sure your equipment is returned to the manufacturers’ specification.


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