Remanufactured Servos and Servo Exchange

Many shops repair servomotors and servo amplifiers, but few remanufacture them!

Servo Remanufacture Process

To Magna Products Corp., a remanufacture means that the servo motor or servo drive has been mechanically and electrically returned to the original specifications. Our factory trained technicians follow specific procedures that address the smallest details that are needed to truly make a difference in how that servo holds up to the rigors of your production process.

Servo Motor Remanufacture

  1. Each motor goes through a meticulous electrical inspection and mechanical measurement that we then compare to these original specs. This engineering based approach, sets us apart from the rest.
  2. Our in-house machining and welding department returns bearing journals and shafts to their specified dimensions. Our winding department rewinds rotors and stators to specification.
  3. Motor is assembled, using our large inventory of OEM subcomponent servo parts that include stators, encoders, resolvers, tachometers, brakes and cast parts such as flanges. We also have thousands of hard to find parts for obsolete units.
  4. Motor feedbacks are repaired or replaced and aligned according to OEM procedures.
  5. All motor seals and gaskets are replaced with exactly the correct part. This assures you that the motor is running as the original manufacturer has intended it to.
  6. Motors undergo thorough testing on dedicated test stands that simulate the closed loop system found on your machines.

Servo Electronic Remanufacture

  1. Electronics are thoroughly evaluated and cleaned.
  2. Our technicians follow the OEM schematics to determine the cause of failure. Troubleshooting is done down to the component level. We don’t just switch out an entire circuit board unless we need to.
  3. Worn fans are replaced.
  4. Electronics undergo thorough testing on dedicated test stands that simulate the closed loop system found on your machines.

This value is passed on to our customer in cost and the ability to keep obsolete units working for years!  All remanufactured units carry a full one year warranty against defects in workmanship and material.

Servo Reman Exchange Process

  • Minimized your machine down time by putting a working replacement servo in your hands as quick as possible.
  • Protect your environment by recycling what would normally be tossed in the trash. An excellent Go Green Initiative!

Step 1: Customer contacts Magna Products Corp. with specific model number that is needed. Magna Products Corp. then searches our extensive database of new and remanufactured servos and provides you with a written quotation outlining the price, delivery and trade in credit or core charge.

Step 2: After we receive a purchase order, We ship out your replacement (usually the same day as you place the order). With the replacement we include a Return Goods Authorization form.

Step 3: You install the replacement and are now up and running!

Step 4: You ship back your defective servo with the RGA form that you received with your replacement servo. Upon receipt, Magna does a quick inspection to determine that your defective servo can be remanufactured.

Step 5: As long as we can rebuild your servo…Magna than issues you a credit against the original invoice. 


Please contact us with any questions that you may have!

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