Servo Remanufacture and Servo Reman Exchange

Our goal is to minimized your machine down time by putting a working replacement servo in your hands as quickly as possible.

Servo Remanufacture/Exchange Process

  • This program is designed to lower our customer’s cost of stocking spare servo equipment without acquiring unnecessary downtime. 
  • There are two convenient exchange options!


  • This program provides the ultimate in quick repair turnaround!
  • It is for instances where we need to switch obsolete option cards and internal components or download operating parameters from the customer’s trade in unit onto the remanufactured unit.
  • When a customer sends in a defective product for RUSH repair, our technician  check to determine if the unit is repairable.  After, they switch any needed components onto our unit from stock, test, and then they ship it out that same day!



The quickest option is remanufacture/exchange. We want our customers to inqur the least machine down time as possible.  When an order if placed for a remanufactured unit to be shipped out air freight or same day, Magna issues an RGA number.  After receiving and installing the remanufactured servomotor or amplifier, the used item is sent back to us as a trade in (referring to the RGA). Upon receipt, we determine if the unit is repairable and then issue a trade in credit to the customer. 

Servo Reman Exchange Process

Step 1: Customer contacts Magna Products Corp. with specific model number that is needed. Magna Products Corp. then searches our extensive database of new and remanufactured servos and provides you with a written quotation outlining the price, delivery and trade in credit or core charge.

Step 2: After we receive a purchase order, We ship out your replacement (usually the same day as you place the order). With the replacement we include a Return Goods Authorization form.

Step 3: You install the replacement and are now up and running!

Step 4: You ship back your defective servo with the RGA form that you received with your replacement servo. Upon receipt, Magna does a quick inspection to determine that your defective servo can be remanufactured.

Step 5: As long as we can rebuild your servo…Magna than issues you a credit against the original invoice. 


If you have any questions, please contact us!

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