Servo Systems Repair and Replacement

Comprehensive Service Approach!

So many of our customers have had their technical and purchasing departments reduced, making the process of troubleshooting their machine failure very difficult for the maintenance departments. Sometimes the symptom that is found is not the underlying cause of failure.  Many times, the servomotor fails because there is a problem with the amplifier, the power supply or the cables.

Root Cause Failure Analysis

Magna Products Corp. understands and services all of the servo system components. We will work with you to get to the bottom of the problem, and ship out the needed components from our extensive servo inventory. When you need to depend on a few qualified vendors, why not work with the company who can offer the complete system support and get your machines up the right way with minimal down time?

Whether it is the servomotor, the servo amplifier or the cables that you need, one call to Magna Products Corp. can get your machine running without delay. We will monitor recurring failures of your equipment, and work with your technical staff to make sure that your complete servo system is working properly.

Please contact us with any question that you may have!

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