Servo System Testing

Servo Systems Approach

In order to verify that the individual components (Servo Motor, Servo Amplifier, Servo Power Supply, Servo Controller and Servo Cables) are performing as the original servo manufacturer intended for them to, you must test how it interacts in a closed loop system. Magna Products Corp. has made a considerable investment in training and dedicated test stands to run our remanufactured units.

Servo Motor Testing

Remanufactured servo motors go through a extensive mechanical and electrical tests. All bearing housings and journals are measured to make sure they meet manufactures specifications. We also measure all critical diameters for size and run out. We run the motor to ensure that electrical parameters are within the original servo manufacturers’ specification. This includes making sure that all channels of all the feedbacks are not only present but operating properly.

Servo Amplifier Testing

The servo amplifiers tested at Magna Products Corp. are also put through an extensive series of tests to make sure that all voltages and current capacities are met and are within the original servo manufacturers’ specifications. As Magna rebuilds to the component level, we can make sure that everything is running like it was designed to and can keep your unit running for many years to come.


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